Bearpaw Emma short 608W

I’ve been an Ugg wearer for the last 5+ years. When I recently ruined my favorite pair of Ugg boots, I wanted to find something comparable for less money. Enter the Bearpaw Emma 8″ Shearling Boot! I got these in the Maple color. The color on Amazon’s website was completely off. They look like a reddish brown, so I Googled, and discovered that the Maple color is actually a light brown gray. Perfect! I ordered these on a Saturday, chose the 2 day shipping, and received them on a Monday. Also perfect! And to top things off, I magically had some sort of $14.00 promotion applied to my order, so the total price with 2 day shipping was actually less than the price listed.

On to the boots.

They’re wonderful! I will never go back to Uggs again! The inside is soooo soft and fluffy; the shaft, foot area, and foot bed. Like a cloud! The attention to detail is on point. by me. Nice, sturdy rubber sole too. These are SURE to keep my feet very warm and toasty this winter!Here’s where it gets a little tricky. With Uggs, I’ve always had to size down. I normally wear a women’s size 8 in shoes and boots, and with Uggs, I’d always get a women’s 7. I ordered my Bearpaw boots in a size 8. I was a little worried they’d be too big, but they fit perfectly. So, bottom line: Order what size you NORMALLY wear, in regular shoes/boots, and these will fit you just fine. These may seem a little snug at first due to the thick lining, but the lining will eventually compact a little bit.

These boots are amazing! I was a little worried they didn’t have half sizes and I usually wear 8 or mostly 8.5 and I went with a 9 ( for sock room). They fit great!! I don’t even wear socks with them! I thought my feet would get to hot in them with or without socks (I tend to always be hot rarely cold) but they keep them the perfect temperature. My feet never get hot or sweat!(which is a big deal for me). The only complaint I have is so small and I’ve been wearing them a while is they were advertised with a metal bearpaw tag instead of canvas and it came with the canvas tag. Other than that and that’s sooo small it doesn’t matter. I just thought they looked nicer with the metal tag. I got them in navy and they are perfect with everything. My advice if your wanting a great pair of boots but don’t want to spend as much as Uggs go bearpaw. Honestly I like them better than any Uggs ive had!

I’ve owned Uggs. I paid way too much for them at Nordstrom. They were black, and the black dye on the lining came off on my foot. An email to Nordstroms did nothing. I was stuck with them. They were comfortable, but I always had to wear socks to avoid staining my feet which was something I was hoping to avoid. As the weather is getting cooler, I started craving some comfy boots. I looked at both “real” Uggs and a variety of substitutes and decided to go with these. First off, this company has not been implicated in any of the dog fur scandals that have plagued faux Uggs. Secondly, it had excellent reviews. I’ve had the boots a week or two now and I couldn’t be happier. Great value and super comfy! I don’t think they’ll last more than one season, but I’ll be happy if they do. For the price, I’d still be happy. I also sprayed them with a waterproof protectant like Kiwi Camp Dry, Heavy Duty Water Repellent, 12oz prior to wearing outside.

These boots are exactly what you’d expect with a few exceptions. First, I bought it in “wine” as a fun color. It’s not as burgundy as the picture, but more of a red purple and brighter than I was expecting. I still like them and was planning on wearing them only when I’m dressing uber casual so color really didn’t matter.

However, if you’re expecting a full shearling boot, don’t buy Bearpaw. I was rather disappointed when I discovered that only the shaft of the boot is nice, luxurious shearling with the shoe portion being rough, scratchy wool. Quite frankly, if I had known that, I would have spent the extra money and bought Uggs or LL Bean shearling boots.

All in all, they’re okay. No support whatsoever for your foot, of course, but still nice to wear occasionally. Also, I am a true 7.5 and had to order an 8. Hope this review helps!

No way would I ever pay for that 3 letter brand when BearPaws are Superior!!! These are now my favorite boots. Normally I hate the flat bottom boots, but these are so comfy, that it doesn’t matter. I bought the Charcoal color when they were on sale for only $29.99 before Xmas, but they are worth full price! I did waterproof them, but they still ended up with the white water line from being in the snow. I will have to wash that off, but kept my feet warm and dry. The genuine sheepskin lining is FULL lining, not just shaft, like other boots. They are so soft and warm. I want to bury my feet in the sheepskin without socks, but I am afraid that will make them smell, so I don’t. But when I do for just a few minutes, it’s heaven. : ) I am on here scouring for another pair. I just can’t decide which COLOR!! Love them and you will too.